• Moorabool Open Space Strategy

    The Moorabool Shire has engaged @leisure Planners to prepare an Open Space Strategy. This strategy will provide clear directions about improving open space planning and management and priorities for development across the Shire, especially new residential developments. 

    Key outputs of the strategy will include: 

    • A consistent open space planning policy and decision-making framework 
    • Standards for provision and access to open space 
    • Identifying gaps in the provision of open space  
    • A Council policy position on specific issues such as open space provision in new residential areas, buffers along waterways and bio links, play spaces, climate change adaptation and open space on sites with site constraints such as slopes and easements.

    You can read the brief by clicking here.

    Have your say

    Council is seeking input from residents and community groups into this strategy. We would like to know:

    • Which public open spaces do residents use most and why?
    • Which suburbs need more or different types of open space 
    • What is the priority types of improvements to parks, reserves, especially around Bacchus Marsh, Darley and Ballan
    • In new residential areas what types of open space would benefit the broadest range of the community? 

    A range of community organisations will be interviewed for this project.

  • Project Update - September 2021

    The Locality Analysis Report has been sent to Council and we currently await their feedback.

    Project Update - July 2021

    The Preliminary Directions Report has been sent to Council and we currently await their feedback.

    Project Update - June 2021

    @leisure are currently preparing a locality analysis and a draft strategy, that addresses the key open space issues. We expect to submit a preliminary draft for Council's review in the coming weeks.

    Project Update - May 2021

    @leisure have recently undertaken a councillor workshop and are currently undertaking the locality analysis which includes a focus on township of Ballan as a part of the broader strategy and as an extension of the project. 

    Project Update - March 2021

    @leisure have completed the locality analysis, the preliminary issues development and the additional interviews as part of the stakeholder engagement process. 

    Project Update - February 2021

    @leisure have completed a profile review of the demographics of the Moorabool Shire Council and have now also commenced the stakeholder engagement and locality analysis part of the project.

    Project Update - December 2020

    @leisure have completed a series of staff workshops on specific topics listed in the brief, prepared a proposed classification system and inventory of open space, and a GIS layer. We have also undertaken site inspections of existing open spaces in Darley and Hopetoun Park.
    The supply assessment, and issues analysis will continue into the new year.

    Ways to get involved

    • You can send in your comments or upload some photos any time it suits (see link above)
    • Visit the project Facebook page to make a comment (see link above)
    • Send us your thoughts in writing (as brief or long as you want) to
    • Comment on the plan when the draft is exhibited. When the draft plan is prepared opportunities to comment will be advertised.
    • Leave your name on this web page and we can contact you (see link above).

    More information

    Please contact the Moorabool Shire Council's office on (03) 5366 7100.

    The project is expected to be completed by mid 2021.