North Sydney Recreation Needs Study

North Sydney Park
North Sydney Oval 2
North Sydney Oval
North Sydney Indoor Basketball Stadium

Client: North Sydney Council

Date completed: May 2015

Project type: Recreation, Needs Assessment

Download the Recreation Needs Study
Download the Recreation Needs Study
(Supporting Document)


The Recreation Needs Study was undertaken to enable the provision of recreation facilities and services that will meet the community needs over the next 10 years. The study will be used to form the basis for future decision-making regarding sport and recreation development in North Sydney.

What we did

  • Reviewed demand and supply relating to sport and facilities in North Sydney
  • Held meetings and workshops with Council, the Steering Committee, sports clubs, associations and members of the community
  • Assessed shortfalls and oversupply in the provision of facilities and services
  • Evaluated trends in sport and recreation demand and determined the implications
  • Mapped distribution and indicated potential gaps in supply
  • Determined capital works priorities
  • Identified funding options for the improvement of facilities and services


  • Background Paper with inventory
  • Demand and Consultation Paper
  • Discussion Paper with supporting document
  • Draft Recreation Needs Study
  • Final Recreation Needs Study