Football Federation Victoria - State Facilities Plan


Client: Football Federation Victoria 

Date completed: July 2017

Project type: Sports Facility, Feasibility



The purpose of this plan was to increase participation in football and identify opportunities and priorities to develop and upgrade facilities to enable the game to grow.

The priorities identified in this plan guided investment decisions by a range of partners including local government, schools, clubs and the State Government up until 2026.


What we did

  • An audit of 460 venues. 1,090 pitches were assessed and mapped.
  • An investigation into 80 venues and 180 pitches in addition to those in the inventory prepared by FFV
  • An audit of venues across 67 LGAs
  • Interviewed Council Recreation staff and Sports Assemblies, and Education providers
  • Workshops with LGAs, Sport and Recreation Victoria staff, Sports Assemblies, and FFV staff
  • A review of population projections and current participation in football by LGA, FFV zone and region
  • Projecting demand projected, based on current participation rates using  FFV registered players and various growth scenarios.
  • An analysis of facility planning issues
  • The calculation of carrying capacity of pitches and estimation of the numbers of additional pitches required.
  • Identified targets and priorities for future development
  • Presentation of data and projection by LGA and State government region, distinguishing between the metropolitan area and regional Victoria.


  • An audit of 460 venues and 1,090 pitches
  • Issues and Opportunities Report
  • Draft State Facilities Plan
  • Final State Facilities Plan