Shire of Campaspe - Warm Water /Hydrotherapy Pool Feasibility

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  • Scope

    @leisure Planners has been appointed by the Shire of Campaspe Council to assess the feasibility of a community warm water/hydrotherapy pool. This will provide a cost-benefit analysis and business case for the service, consider partnership opportunities with other providers, and assess potential locations.

    The project will conclude in December 2017.

    Ways to get involved

    • Email your written ideas and comments to:
    • Comment on the draft report at the end of the project.

    In addition, @leisure will be making direct telephone contact with local organisations and potential partners to seek their views.

    What we want to know is:

    • Would you use a warm water/hydrotherapy pool if one was available?
    • What programs, facilities, and services would you like to see offered? (e.g. aqua fit classes, deep running, hydrotherapy sessions, gentle exercise classes, casual rehabilitation, learn to swim for babies or preschoolers, swimming sessions for people with a disability, etc.).
    • Where do you believe is the best location for a warm water/hydrotherapy pool if one was established?
    • Any other suggestions about the future development or operation of a warm water/hydrotherapy pool in the Shire of Campaspe?

    More information

    For more information on the project contact Campaspe Shire’s Senior Planner, Fraser Neele on Tel 03 5481 2301. 

  • September Updates

    Survey has now closed!

    We've had a fantastic response to the survey, a big thank you to everyone who contributed.  Your responses will help us better understand what is currently valued and the potential need for a warm water and hydrotherapy pool in Campaspe Shire.

    Stay up to date with the latest information via our website and Facebook page. 



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