Strathbogie Water Play area feasibility study

  • The Project

    Strathbogie Shire Council have engaged @leisure Planners to undertake a feasibility study into the location and construction of a water play area within Nagambie that includes land based and water based options.

    This feasibility study is to provide a clear analysis of the constructions viability along with its location. It will provide an assessment of the capital costs, operational and maintenance costs, regulations, site options and management requirements.

    It shall analyse the location identified by Council as the water play areas preferred location, identifed as either Nagambie's Buckley Park, or any other suitable site identified.

    We would like to know:

    • Your recent experiences at a water play park, if any
    • Your preferred site for a water play park in Nagambie
    • The key components/features for a water play park
    • Any other thoughts or ideas you have regarding water play park facilities
  • Update May 2020

    The demand and consultation findings along with the site and supply analysis draft reports have both been completed and sent to Council for review.

    Update April 2020

    We'd like to thank everyone who took part in the survey. Consultation is now complete and we are now writing up the results for Council.

    Update February 2020

    The project is now underway. @leisure will be onsite at Buckley Park, Nagambie on March 6 and 7, 2020. 

    Ways to get involved

    • Consultation with potential users at Buckley Park on Friday March 6 from 4-6pm and Saturday March 7, 9am-12pm. Please note the 25m inflatable pool (as initially planned) has been cancelled due to an unforseen maintenance issue.
    • Sending an email to @leisure (see link above for email)

    More information

    For more information please contact:

    Strathbogie Shire Council Project Manager, Community Facilities Planning Officer Anthony Cini on 03 5795 0000


    @leisure Project Manager, Senior Sport and Recreation Planner Michael Graham on 0427 546 070.

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