• Mildura Recreation Strategy

    @leisure Planners have been appointed by Mildura Rural City Council to prepare a new Recreation Strategy for 2019-2029. This strategy will establish the strategic and policy direction for Council in relation to recreation facilities and priorities, for the next 10 years.

    Council is seeking input from residents, clubs and community groups and users of recreation and sporting facilities. We would like to know:

    • What residents and users consider to be the key issues they face concerning recreation provision and participation that need to be addressed in the next strategy.
    • What would encourage residents to be more physically and socially active
    • What Council’s role is in relation to recreation and in terms of supporting clubs and groups, as compared to others such as the Mallee Sports Assembly.
    • How Council can assist in implementing more equitable opportunities for all people regardless of gender identity, ability, cultural background, residential location, etc., 
    • How a more equitable cost of use can be implemented across public facilities and reserves.
  • Update - May 2020

    The issues paper report has been sent to Council for review.
    The final report will be developed next.

    Update - April 2020

    The draft engagement findings report has been sent to Council for review.
    The issues paper is now currently being developed. 

    Update - February 2020

    Visits were made last week (February 12 and 13) to Mildura and Ouyen for an inspection of facilities and holding workshops to discuss issues with staff. 

    Currently engagement findings are now being written up for the demand and consultation findings report.

    Update - January 2020

    The Community Survey is now closed and we'd like to thank all residents in the municipality who provided us with a great amount of responses. We thankyou for your interest in the project.

    The Community Survey results have also been analysed and we have also completed interviews with peak bodies and community sport and recreation organisations regarding how we can build on from the previous Recreational Strategy that was set out over a decade ago.

    Community workshops will also be taking place in the next few weeks, watch out for details!

    Ways to get involved  

    • Leave a brief comment above.

    Send us your thoughts in writing

    • Come to a Stakeholder workshop to discuss the project -to be arranged later this year.
    • Email your written ideas and comments to: or; 
    • Post to Council’s project manager:
    • Comment on the plan when it is in draft. Leave your name on the web site and we can contact you, or please check the website for project updates.

    The draft project report will be submitted to Council by May 2020.

    More information

    For more information on the project:

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