George Town Sport and Recreation Strategy

George Town
  • The Project

    Council have engaged @leisure Planners to prepare a Sport and Recreation Plan for George Town and develop a master plan for the George Town Sports Complex. The plan will assist the Council to:

    • Determine what infrastructure projects are the priority, if funds become available 
    • How facilities can be designed so they meet the greatest need, are sustainable and cost-effective to run
    • Encourage more people to be active close to home
    • Attract sports and events back to George Town 

    Have your say

    Council is seeking input from residents, clubs and community groups, and users of facilities and public open spaces to help direct this sport and recreation strategy.

    Ways to get involved

    • Complete the survey (see link on this page)
    • Telephone interviews with clubs will be conducted 
    • Come to a community workshop later in the project 
    • Send us your thoughts about a) how to get people more active b) what sport and recreation activities and events should be available in George Town, and your priority for improvements to sport and recreation facilities
  • Update - March 2021

    The Sport and Recreation Strategy Final Report has been sent to Council.

    Update - December 2020

    Council have published the Sport and Recreation Strategy Draft Report and have requested feedback from residents regarding the future direction of sport and recreation, facilities and activities in the George Town municipal area. 

    Update - August 2020

    The George Town Sport and Recreation Strategy and Sporting Complex Master Plan final report has been prepared for Council's consideration.

    We'd like to thank all who attended our community workshop sessions, those who undertook the community survey and all those who responded to interviews.

    Update - May 2020

    Recently we have submitted the supply analysis and the draft master plan. 

    We are now currently awaiting review from George Town Council.

    Update - April 2020

    The community survey is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who took the time out to provide important feedback for the future of sport and recreation in George Town. Consultation was also completed with George Town Sporting Clubs and Organisations and State Sporting Associations.

    Unfortunately due to travel restrictions as part of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to postpone meeting with sports user groups at the George Town Sports Complex to discuss facility and priority improvements.

    We will continue to provide an update on the project, however.

    Update - February 2020

    The community survey is now available to complete. Completing this survey will help the Council understand what activities you do and would like to do for sport and recreation, so they can better meet your future needs. Residents have until March 9 to complete the survey prior to it being analyzed.

    Sporting Clubs and Organisations based in the George Town Council will also be interviewed about their organisation and issues and opportunities.

    We also plan on meeting with sports user groups at the George Town Sports Complex over the next few weeks to discuss the facilities and priority improvements.

    More information

    For more information on the project or to send some detailed information or your ideas, please contact:

    Rhonda O'Sign, Community Development Officer
    George Town Council

    PO Box 161, George Town, Tasmania 7253