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  • Update May 2019

    @leisure Planners have undertaken an in-depth assessment of demand and supply of indoor sports in City of Whitehorse. A summary update of the progress to date is provided here.

    Update March 2019

    @leisiure are currently investigating sites for potential development, to determine the possible scale of facility expansions. A consultation with stakeholders will be conducted in April about the project findings and possible developments.

    @leisure has submitted two reports: Demand and Consultation Findings and Supply Assessment (November 2018). A summary report and bulletin have been prepared to inform stakeholders of the progress ( January 2019) . The next step is for an architect to prepare some high-level concepts for 5 sites. 


    @leisure Planners has been appointed by Whitehorse City Council to prepare an Indoor Sport Facility Feasibility Study. Council wants to understand the community's requirements for indoor sports and recreation activities now and in the future.

    This project will:

    • Consider industry trends and trends specific to the City of Whitehorse in relation to changing demographics and community needs.
    • Ascertain the level of demand for different types of indoor sports, and how that demand is being satisfied within the City and across the region.
    • Determining if there is a need for new and/or redeveloped indoor facilities in Whitehorse and for which sports and activities.
    • Partnership opportunities, including the role of schools, private providers, peak associations and Council.

    Ways to get involved

    • Email your written ideas and comments to: or post to the Project Manager, Leonie Gibson (see postal address below)
    • Leave your name here and we can contact you, or check here for project updates.
    • Post a note on the project Facebook page -
    • Come to a community workshop (to be advertised soon) or comment on the draft at the end of the project.
    • For further information, contact:

    Project Manager 
    City of Whitehorse 
    Locked Bag 2 Nunawading DC VIC 3131

  • Update - June 2018

    Thank you to all the residents, clubs, schools and facilities who have contributed t the project so far.  

    We have currently completed over 260 interviews  Some 468 householder surveys were completed and we have submitted a demand and consultation findings report to Council. 

    An analysis of the nature and distribution and capacity of existing facilities is underway and will be submitted to Council shortly.   Following this stage, the process of determining what needs to be done will occur.  


    More information

    Leonie Gibson - City of Whitehorse
    Senior Project Officer - Parks Planning and Recreation


    Diana Barrie - @leisure Planners
    Senior Planner - Ph. (03) 9326 1662



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