City of Bayside - Hydrotherapy Pool Feasibility and Site Analysis

Bayside Hydrotherapy pool feasibility and site analysis

Ways to get involved

  • Overview

    @leisure Planners has been appointed by Bayside City Council to undertake a detailed site options analysis and feasibility study for a future hydrotherapy/warm water facility. Council would also like to investigate the demand for subsequent implications of other transport options for current and potential users of hydrotherapy/warm water facilities at GESAC and the soon to be completed hydrotherapy/warm water facilities at Moorabbin Oval.

    This project will have:

    • A traffic and parking assessment
    • A presentation of a high level draft report detailing proposed sites and initial assessments
    • Design of concept sketches and nominated site options if required

    Ways to get involved

    • Email your written ideas and comments or a more detailed submission to: 
    • Post your comments to Council’s project manager:

    Sara Townsend City of Bayside
    Recreation and Events Co-Ordinator - Open Space, Recreation and Wellbeing
    76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham VIC 3191

    • Comment on any plan when it is in draft. Please check the website for project updates
  • Update May 2020

    The demand assessment and stakeholder engagement is now complete. An assessment of existing warm water pools in the area and potential future locations is also complete. An Options Report has been forwarded to Council recommending site options for the short term and long term, including estimated capital and operating costs. We are now waiting for feedback from Council regarding the draft report.

    More information

    • Please contact the project manager:

    Sara Townsend - Recreation and Events Co-ordinator - Open Space, Recreation and Wellbeing, City of Bayside 


    Michael Graham | @leisure Planners
    Senior Planner - Ph. 0427 546 070


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