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Ways to get involved

  •  Update February 2019

    The second stage of the project has recently commenced following the Needs Assessment which went to Council in 2018. This stage will progress the demand identified in the last phase and commence master planning for a redeveloped facility.


    @leisure Planners has been appointed by Bayside City Council to review the conditions of the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre and identify potential issues and opportunities at the Centre.

    This project will:

    • Undertake a detailed facility audit and service review of the Sandringham Family Leisure Centre
    • Seek community and user’s views about the Centre
    • Identify issues and future opportunities at the site

    Have your say - (note that calls for feedback have now ended)

    Council is seeking input from residents, clubs, community groups, users and various service operators to contribute to the review.

    We would like to know:

    • What do you like / not like about the Centre?
    • If you don't use the Centre what could Council do to encourage you to use it?
    • What improvements would you like to see at the Centre?
    • What activities/ facilities are in important to you at the Centre and how well are these provided?

    Ways to get involved

    Jason Sharp| City of Bayside
    Recreation Planner - Open Space, Recreation and Wellbeing
    76 Royal Avenue, Sandringham VIC 3191

    • Comment on any master plan when it is in draft. Please check the website for project updates
    • Drop in to a community session at Sandringham Family Leisure Centre on 27 March 2018


  • Update June 2018

    In April 2018 @leisure submitted  a facilities review following site assessments conducted by architects, engineers, and an access consultant. Following this @leisure conducted a demand analysis which included a householder survey and interviews with other facility providers. 

    An issues and opportunities paper has now been prepared and submitted to Council with recommendations for further investigations, short-term actions and longer-term development.

    More information

    Sara Townsend| Recreation and Events Co-ordinator
    City of Bayside? 


    Michael Graham | @leisure Planners
    Senior Planner - Ph. (03) 9326 1662



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